A walk in the park with a flying camera

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Well today my mother and me went on a walk in the wildlife park near my house. The sky was a great clear Colorado day with a light breeze. The park itself is in between some farms in the area and there we were able to see some cows and horse up close. It was real fun and while I was there I ended up trying to make little animation with NX11.

I did this by taking a whole bunch of photos as I walked and strung them together on my computer. The videos are playing at 6 frames per second if your interested. The first one came out ok, but I think I started to figure it out as I went along. One of them turned out so bad though I’m to embarrass to show you, but I have 4 others that are pretty neat.

Here take a look!

This was my first try. I think it came out ok, but a bit boring to watch.

This is my second attempt at sequencing pictures together. My third attempt didn’t come out well at all, so I’ll skip it and go to my 4th attempt.

This is a flip.

I thought this one came out really well. It is my last attempt at making a sequence animation while I was walking on this trip. But, after doing this I’m really interested in trying again and I hope you enjoyed watching them.


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