2View Camera – Play with the Front LCD!

Hi there! It’s So-Young!
Following the previous postings on Children Mode and Smart Filter, today’s posting will be on the 2View camera. Today, I will go over how to take pictures using front LCD, which is one of the most distinctive features and benefits of the Samsung 2View camera.
The 2View camera has a front LCD uniquely catering to self-shooting, a feature that users, who enjoy self-shooting, will welcome with zeal. With the 2View camera, you can not only take self-shots, but also get a sneak preview of group photos. Are you ready to learn about how to have fun with the front LCD? If you are, then buckle up!
Self Timer
Samsung’s 2View camera line-up includes the most recent ST700, PL170, PL120 and the ST600, ST100, ST550(TL225), ST500(TL220), PL150(TL210), and PL100(TL205).
Here are some fascinating shooting modes that you can use with the front LCD.
First, turn on the camera and the front LCD. If you press the front LCD, you can choose from Self-shot, Children Mode, Couple Shot, and Jump Shot.
1) Self-Shot
With self-shot mode, you can take pictures of yourself using the front LCD, just like when you’re looking into the mirror. That’s not all! When the camera recognizes a face, a square box automatically appears at the size of the face. Smile brightly and the camera will go off automatically without having to press the button!
Do you know any good tips on how to take a good self-shot? Here is one.
Hold up your camera at about 45 degrees higher so that your face is lower than the camera, tuck your chin in and open your eyes widely. Your chin will appear narrower, your eyes bigger and your face smaller!
2) Children
The Samsung 2View camera has come up with a bright idea to have young children focus: play a fun animation video on the front LCD!
Have you ever had to shout to your child, “Look here! Smile~ No, here!” until you got a satisfactory smile? The Samsung 2View camera is the answer for those parents struggling to capture beautiful moments of their child.
That is not all! On top of the default Pororo animation, you can also download other versions of the animation…
Click here for ST600/ST100:
Click here for PL150/100 (TL210/205), ST550/500 (TL225/220):
3) Couple Shot
With the Couple Shot mode, the camera will automatically take pictures if it senses that two faces are in close proximity. Make sure to use the front LCD to add love spice to the picture! With the Samsung 2View camera, you no longer have to ask a passerby to take your photos.
4) Jump Shot
Have you ever dreamed of flying? The Jump Shot mode from the 2View camera ensures perfect timing to capture your jump– just when you appear to be flying up to the sky!
Don’t you find head-on stand-still photos to be a bit boring? Try the Jump Shot mode to add fun and excitement to the photo! Spread your arms wide like a little child and JUMP! Worried that the camera will shake too much? No worries! The smart 2View will take care of it. Set the camera to Jump Shot and press the shutter. The front LCD has a countdown of five seconds. When an upward facing arrow(↑) appears, then jump! The camera will take three consecutive shots for a fun result.
The cool multi-functional 2View camera offers a wide variety of choices for its users. Capture your memorable moments with the Samsung 2View camera! The 2View camera is ready to help you create fond memories.
So, that is it with ‘Play with the Front LCD!’ I will return with other useful tips. Until then, bye~bye!

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