It’s been two years!

Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. has provided the author of this article with the mentioned digital imaging device.

Time is flying relentlessly fast. I’ve just thought I was here two years now. Different things were happening at that time, a lot has changed. In some areas, have made good progress in the other, unfortunately, failed to change anything. Fortunately, it can always be better – I hope so.
In connection with my presence on this blog, I had the opportunity lead a workshops: “Photoblog – how to present your photos online?”. Conducting such a meeting was quite a challenge, because I never did anything like that. On the fourth occasion already gone quite well. I will say that even much I loved it🙂
Workshops were conducted during the photo festival. Samsung was the patron of the event.

NX10_Daniel Kulinski_01Samsung NX10 │ 1/320s │ f5.0 │ 64.0mm │ ISO 200

Going back to my presence on this blog, it all started in April 2009. Then I received the camera WB1000 – I did it a lot of pictures, now, my wife took the camera:) Here are a lot of photos taken WB1000.

NX10_Daniel Kulinski_02Samsung NX10 │ 1/250s │ f8.0 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_03Samsung NX10 │ 1/125s │ f8.0 │ 50mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_04Samsung NX10 │ 1/160s │ f4.0 │ 50mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_05
Samsung NX10 │ 1/125s │ f2.8 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_06
Samsung NX10 │ 1/125s │ f5.0 │ 89mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_07
Samsung NX10 │ 1/320s │ f9.0 │ 33mm │ ISO 100

Therefore, that enjoyed the photos I received after some time the next proposal. It was a long-awaited and shrouded in mystery Samsung NX10. I will tell you that this is a super feeling to have something that many have heard of but nobody has ever seen it.
With NX has already done more than 10,000 pictures, and soon I am going for a long awaited vacation, so probably will bring a few hundred pictures. Someone might say that 10,000 is not enough, but I still have a second camera  Samsung EX1 counter shows more than 4000😀
One of my photographic achievements is to get into well-known Getty Images – I currently have over 180 pictures for sale. Of course, I invite you to buy😉

NX10_Daniel Kulinski_08
Samsung NX10 │ 1/160s │ f8.0 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_09
Samsung NX10 │ 1/160s │ f4.3 │ 64mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_10
Samsung NX10 │ 1/160s │ f5.6 │ 75mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_11
Samsung NX10 │ 1/125s │ f5.6 │ 200mm │ ISO 200
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_12
Samsung NX10 │ 1/100s │ f3.8 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_13
Samsung NX10 │ 1/400s │ f8.0 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_14
Samsung NX10 │ 1/250s │ f11.0 │ 200mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_15
Samsung NX10 │ 1/2s │ f22.0 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_16
Samsung NX10 │ 1/250s │ f7.1 │ 54mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_17
Samsung NX10 │ 1/250s │ f6.3 │ 130mm │ ISO 100

Photos above are from cities, Lodz and Warsaw.
From a photographic point of view, the most expected for me is a macro lens, which should appear soon, and maybe the successor NX10😉 So for now macro lens is the 20mm or 50-200mm with macro lens +4😀

NX10_Daniel Kulinski_18
Samsung NX10 │ 1/15s │ f2.8 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20
Samsung NX10 │ 1/80s │ f2.8 │ 20mm │ ISO 200
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_21
Samsung NX10 │ 1/80s │ f6.3 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_22
Samsung NX10 │ 0.600s │ f5.6 │ 200mm │ I0SO 100

And as always for end Natasha🙂

EX1_Daniel Kulinski_01
Samsung EX1 │ 1/180s │ f1.8 │ 5.2mm │ ISO 80

Of course, I invite everyone to visit my Flickr, where is a lot more pictures.
P.S Thanks Sammy😉

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