Samsung EX1 review

Another of those fashionable SLD (single lens, direct view) cameras? Not quite. The EX1 still qualifies as a compact camera, lacking interchangeable lenses and sporting a small 1/1.7in CCD image sensor. Nonetheless its design and features borrow heavily from the new genre.

It’s quite the thing these days to bring out a fixed-focal-length, wide-angle and highly compact “pancake” lens for your SLD. Samsung is following stylistic suit by kitting out the EX1 with a very compact lens giving a 24mm equivalent wide-angle setting. It’s not interchangeable like an SLD’s, but what it does offer is a very fast f/1.8 – f/2.4 maximum aperture to go with a 3x zoom range.

The rest of the body is relatively chunky though, in particular its 114mm width. And there’s a big disadvantage compared to true SLD cameras such as the Olympus PEN range and Panasonic Lumix G2. You don’t get the advantage of a big Four Thirds sensor here, with the standard compact camera size offering a total area almost six times smaller than a Micro Four Thirds sensor.


Samsung EX1


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