The SH100 Microsite – World’s Fastest HOW-TO GUIDE Featuring George Watsky

Samsung SH100 microsite


Samsung has launched the microsite of the SH100, a compact Wi-Fi enabled camera, which allows you to SHOOT, SYNC, SHARE your pictures over the internet and social networks with friends and family. So here’s what you can see from this microsite:


In ‘THE RAP’ menu, George Watsky, a poet and rapper from San Fransisco known for his speedy flow, will guide you through the features of the SH100. Yes, the world’s fastest HOW-TO GUIDE! Listen carefully so that you don’t miss out on any features the SH100 has to offer!




You can check out the video from the microsite as well as on YouTube.


In “The Virtual Experience’ menu, you can experience the features of the SH100.


In “The Showroom” menu, you can check out the SH100 in 3-dimension by dragging the bar.


Click here to visit Samsung SH100’s microsite. SHOOT, SYNC, SHARE your pictures!


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