SamsungSamsung NX11 Provides Different Modes for Your Convenience! NX11 Provides Different Modes for Your Convenience!



As we all know, the Samsung NX11 received a favorable evaluation by people who were attended the Consumer Electronics Show 2011. CES is a major technology-related trade show held every year in January at the Las Vegas Convention center in Las Vegas, Nevada.


The NX11 has the design based on NX10 with 14.6 megapixel, APS-C censor, mirror-less interchangeable lens, 3.0inch AMOLED Display, HD Video Recording, RAW, Supersonic Dust Removing function, and more. The NX11 has existing features of the NX10 and added some appreciable functions. Furthermore, the NX11 provides Lens Priority Mode, Panorama Mode, and Sound picture Mode for your convenience!


Today, we are going to see the various shooting modes from the NX11.




1. Lens Priority Mode (Lens recognition setting)


When we attach the lens to the camera, the camera recognizes the lens and provides optimized settings for that particular NX lens. The camera automatically re-adjusts for optimal shooting when we change the lens, which is NX’s revolutionary lens technology


NX11_Lens Priority


How to set your camera?


Just press the i-Function button and rotate the lens– the camera will do the rest!


2. Panorama Mode

Get wider view with the Panorama shot! This mode is helpful when you want to capture any wide-angle views or to represent the physical space images by rotating the camera in real time.








How to use this?


Go to Menu and set to Panorama mode. Press and hold the shutter and rotate the camera (One Press & Sweep motion)








3. Sound Picture Mode

This mode lets you capture a picture even as it is recording the sound. This will automatically save 5-10 seconds before and after from when you pressed the shutter. It also provides users with ‘vivid’ images.


Samsung NX11 provides Lens Priority mode, Panorama mode, and Sound picture mode for your convenience! Now you can get good quality photos without difficulty.


Thank you guys for sparing your precious time for reading this article!


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