Samsung WP10 Waterproof Digital Camera Review

Samsung WP10 waterproof camera
Gary Wolstenholme takes a look at Samsung’s waterproof WP10, which can resist water to a depth of three metres.

Samsung’s WP10 costs around £120 and is a water resistant camera capable of depths of up to three metres, which should make it ideal for use by the beach, swimming pool or even for a bit of snorkelling. It’s the only water resistant compact Samsung currently make, but is priced so that it is not out of reach of those on a budget.

Samsung WP10: Features
Within the sealed waterproof body Samsung have provided a 5x optical zoom lens, covering a range equivalent to 35-175mm on a 35mm camera, and a 12 megapixel sensor for recording images. HD video can also be recorded at resolutions up to 720p and HDMI connectivity is included for seamless integration with your television set.

The usual array of detections found on modern digital cameras is included, such as Face Detection, Blink Detection, Scene Recognition in the Smart Auto Mode and Smile Detection, so that you can take a step back and leave the technical stuff to the camera. A variety of automatic scene programs are also available, including the Aqua mode, which optimises the camera for underwater shooting. Digital image stabilisation is provided to help iron out camera shake, which is a welcome addition, although a mechanical solution would be more effective.

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