Best buys for IT Show 2011

Samsung has a bumper crop at the IT Show, with cameras, camcorders, printers, monitors, laptops, and TVs galore. Check out their main booth on the fourth level, in the center hall.

If you’re heading down for any of the two NX mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras listed below, you should know that Samsung is offering attractive bundles with purchase of any NX series camera.

Shave $100 off an additional 30mm lens ($379, U.P. $479), 18-55mm lens ($279, U.P. $379) or 50-200mm lens ($299, U.P. $399). You can also get $50 off a SEF20A flash attachment ($209, U.P. $259), a SEF42A flash attachment ($429, U.P. $479), or $99 off the SEF15A flash attachment ($100, U.P. $199) and $150 off the GPS module ($149, U.P. $299).

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