Spring is coming to Canterbury

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Hello there! Nice to meet you! I am EU. I live in Canterbury, located southeast of the UK. I’ve been staying here for about 20 days now, getting used to the new culture and new life. I am excited to share my adventures in the UK with many of you with the Samsung EX1. A new world viewed through the Samsung EX1! You can look forward to some interesting and fun stories.

Samsung EX1 │ 1/500s │ f4.9 │ 9mm │ ISO 80

This past week’s weather was typical UK weather. At last the rain stopped, leaving room for a warm and cozy sunlight and a clear blue sky. Although the wind was still chillier then one might expect with the radiant sunlight and all, I decided to visit the Greyfriars Garden near my place to get a full feel for the upcoming spring.

Samsung EX1 │ 1/180s │ f3.8 │ 9mm │ ISO 80

Canterbury (Kent Country- located at 85km southeast of London) is a small town, nothing like London, with a unique warmth and comfort not easily found elsewhere.

Samsung EX1 │ 1/500s │ f3.9 │ 5mm │ ISO 80

Samsung EX1 │ 1/500s │ f3.9 │ 5mm │ ISO 80

The cold breeze diminished the feeling of spring, but the green leaves and purple petals appeared to be whispering ‘spring is here!’

Samsung EX1 │ 1/180s │ f4.3.4│ 5mm │ ISO 80

This somewhat lonely and deserted bench will become ever busy in April when people flock to the park to enjoy the spring weather.

Samsung EX1 │ 1/250s │ f4.9 │ 16mm │ ISO 80

This picture is of a grandfather gazing at his grandchild who is sitting in a stroller drinking milk. What a lovely scene! It seemed like they were observing the Narcissus in yellow blossom along the river fence and enjoying the spring just like me.

Samsung EX1 │ 1/350s │ f4.9 │ 16mm │ ISO 80

Samsung EX1 │ 1/350s │ f4.9 │ 16mm │ ISO 80

Have you ever heard of ‘punting’? It refers to cruising down the river on a boat called a ‘punt.’ Punting was mostly used for hunting or fishing in the past, but is now mostly used for tourists. The Cambridge area is especially famous for punting. Punting also exists in Canterbury and because the river flowing through Greyfriars Garden is not deep, it is the best place for punting. A couple was idly riding down the river, having a peaceful afternoon. It was a nice match with the spring weather.

Samsung EX1 │ 1/500s │ f5.1 │ 11mm │ ISO 80

At Canterbury, you can find both winter and spring…just like a falling leaf and flower petals. Soon the leaves will all disappear and give way to green leaves and blossoming flowers. Approaching spring is welcoming, but I already miss the fading winter.


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