Firmware Updates for the NX lenses

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies announced firmware upgrades for Samsung’s NX Lenses. The firmware upgrades for NX lens will enhance the product performance.

Here are the improvements in NX Lens Firmware

1. The rotation direction of MF Ring is changed to the opposite.

2. The power consumption of using the lens is reduced.

3. Focus accuracy is imporved when focus is set to infinite in Fireworks mode.

Applicable Models and Firmware Versions

• 18-55 mm (v1.20)

• 18-55 mm_i-Function (v1.10)

• 20 mm (v1.10)

• 20-50 mm (v1.10)

• 30 mm (v1.20)

• 50-200 mm (v1.20)

• 50-200 mm_i-Function (v1.10)

The upgrades are available for customers to download

How to upgrade the firmware for the NX Lenses.

You can upgrade the firmware by following these steps;

1. Click here to download firmware

2. Click on Firmware

lens firmware

3. Click on ‘Upgrade guide’ and ‘Upgrade File’ to install and upgrade your firmware

lens firmware1


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