Samsung at ‘Sonimag Photo & Multimedia 2011′

Samsung participated in the 11th edition of Son Image Foto 2011 also known as ‘Sonimag Photo & Multimedia 2011’ event, which was held in Barcelona from March 22-27, 2011.
Sonimag Photo & Multimedia is Spain’s leading image and photography fair. An event full of light and color that bets for the new technologies as transmitter of emotions and feelings. It was a fair renewing itself to keep pace with the industry, which includes the leading companies and builds relationships between exhibitors, professionals, and enthusiasts. It was also a fair to see the best of the image world, photography, video, and multimedia.
Samsung’s booth was divided into three areas :
– Experiential : NX studio, Connectivity, 2View, 2D –> 3D conversion
– New Line-Up Display : NX and High zoom, 2View and Style
– Sales area : 2 meeting rooms, catering area
In NX studio, you could touch and experience the i-Function through the NX11 and NX100.
In Connectivity, you could experience smart connectivity with the SH100.
With the 2View, you can apply self-portraits with NYC or Paris as backgrounds.
In the 2D –> 3D conversion area, you could experience Live 2D and 3D Conversion with the Q10 camcorder.
In the New Line-Up Display area, you could see the latest line-up of the NX & High zoom, 2View, and Style products. In the sales area, there were two meeting rooms and a catering area prepared for visiting customers. Spanish Princess Cristina de Borbon and Daniel Molero had visited Samsung’s booth.
Samsung’s cameras have received many reviews and coverage from TV, radio, and media outlets after this event. They introduced a Samsung camcorder that enables its users to enjoy the best 3D experience. They also introduced the ST700 as a camera to take the best self-portrait pictures and the SH100’s smart connectivity with Wi-Fi.
Check out more information on Sonimag Photo & Multimedia from Sonimag Photo & Multimedia 2011’s official website : Refer to the links below for more news on this event.(Spanish)

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