News from Belgium : Latest Update from Ben Heine

Remember Ben Heine? The 27-year-old Belgian visual creator and Samsung imageloger is an impressive young artist heating up the internet world with his art project titled “Pencil Vs Camera,” which was created with the Samsung NX10.
Ben @ Appart Gallery’s Loft
We checked in with Ben asking him for the latest update on his work, exhibition, and interviews.
Interview for “TV Brussel”
(Pencil Vs Camera!)

Ben has done an interview with “TV Brussel,” which was broadcasted on the 18th of February 2011. As seen in the video, Ben, in a matter of few minutes, quickly demonstrates how his “Pencil Vs Camera” pieces are executed. When he has an idea in mind, he draws the subject on a small piece of torn paper. He then inserts the drawing and takes photos with the Samsung NX10, which is then created into a new reality.

“Pencil Vs Camera” for “BBC Breakfast”
pvsc bbc
When he traveled to London last month, he came back with this piece– a special gift for the “BBC Breakfast” main presenters.
Pencil Vs Camera – 50
In his latest Pencil vs Camera series, ‘Pencil Vs Camera – 50’ is dedicated to all the victims of the recent Fukushima disaster in Japan. You can check out additional details from this piece from his Flickr.
Digital Circlism -Eminem
Most famously known for this Pencil vs Camera series, Ben is working on a couple of different projects as well. One of the projects is titled “Digital Circlism,” which is a modern artistic expression– a mix of Pop art and Pointillism. It is made with digital tools usually featuring celebrities made of thousands of flat circles on a black background.
Ben (Left) @ Affordable Art Fair
Ben is continuously participating in exhibitions. A selection of his creations was exhibited from February 25-28, 2011 at the Affordable Art Fair in Tour & Taxis, Brussels, Belgium where his works were presented by the Gallery Garden. Ben will also be participating in forthcoming AAF in London with “The Art Movement.”
He has shown us some amazing pieces last year and his works are still in progress. I am looking forward to seeing more of his creative vision in 2011!
Check out more information on Ben Heine from his website, blog and Flickr. Also, read his full imageloger interview here: Interview with imagelogers, 1st Story – Ben Heine, a Belgian.

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