Samsung HMX-H300 Ultimate HD Family Camcorder

HMX-H300 series offers premium camcorder technology for any situation where there are memories to be captured.

HMX-H300 Specifications
-Image stabilization: OIS Duo (upgraded optical image stabilization)
-Sensor: 1/ 4.1″ 5.1 MP BSI CMOS sensor
-30x optical zoom / 300x digital zoom – Face detection (up to 6 persons)
– Record Pause
– Time lapse recording
– Magic Finger Touch/Shot
– Tripod screw
– USB Battery charging
-Recording Time (max.): 3 hours
*Special Features
*Color Ranges: Black, Blue, Red, White.
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Thank you.

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    Samsung HMX-H300 Ultimate HD Family Camcorder « Digital Camera & Camcorder Review…

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