NX11 Samsung’s New Mirrorless Camera Review

NX11, Samsung’s New Mirrorless Camera Review

Hi, I’m here to introduce you to the new awesome mirrorless camera NX11 from Samsung.
I hope my review has helped you out. Thank you.

[Key Features of NX11]
Improved Ergonomic Design
14.6 Mega Pixels APS-C size CMOS Sensor
Interchangeable i-Function Lens
Speedy Contrast AF
ISO up to a Maximum of 3200
3.0″ AMOLED Display
Upgraded Mode Dial — i-Mode, Panorama, Smart Auto, Sound Picture
Supersonic Dust Reduction
720p H.264 HD video with HDMI
Smart Filter
Internal Flash
Accessories (Flash, GPS, Shutter Release, Filters)


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