Samsung NX100 – Bean Pole Edition: Creative Meets Classic

On February 9, a somewhat unique model contest was held in Seoul, Korea. A ‘KOREA PHOTO MODEL CONTEST 2011!’ was held celebrating the launch of the NX100 Bean Pole Edition. The models who participated in the event had the stage to themselves with the NX100. What is the NX100 Bean Pole edition that received the spotlight on this day?
The popular NX100, which was announced last year, is differentiated in design and features, and promises quality photos for everyone. In particular, the i-Function lens enables easy adjustment of various features such as ISO (sensitivity) and WB (white balance) for a much better photo quality.
The creative outer design of the NX100 also distinguishes itself from the pack. The motive of a tree leaf is expressed in an elegant curve while ensuring better user convenience.
This NX100 collaborated with the Korean apparel brand Bean Pole to come up with the limited edition NX100 Bean Pole Edition in Korea. It is receiving good reviews!
With its accessible yet sophisticated image, Bean Pole has become a popular brand across various ages and its brand logo, PENNY-FARTHING, has its roots in the early bicycle which looks like two British coins placed on top of one another. The Bean Pole logo reinvents classic yet modern image of the UK.
Recently, Nicholas Hoult, an actor who appeared in films such as ‘About a Boy’ and ‘Single Men’, and the UK drama ‘Skins’, modeled for the collection, creating much fuss. The leading teenage star Nicholas and the British heritage of Bean Pole made a perfect match, well illustrating the unique feel of the brand.
The NX100 Bean Pole Edition half case (made from ostrich leather) has a classic design and its striking balance with the modern NX100 leaves the combo ever sophisticated. However, style is not everything. If you place the slim NX100 into the half case, it gives a better grip of the camera, making it easier to use the product, protecting it from scratch and from external shock.
The exclusive half case only for the NX100 will surely add to your personal character!

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