SH100 Samsung Digital Wi-Fi Camera Review

This is the new SAMSUNG Digital Camera SH100, the latest Wi-Fi enabled compact camera.

– Wi-Fi enabled
Sharing over the internet and social networking sites such as Facebook, Picasa, Youtube, Photobucket and Samsung Imaging

– AllShare
Using DLNA technology to allow you to connect to your HDTV and stream content wirelessly

– Remote Viewfinder
Using your smart phone as a remote controller and view finder for your camera

– PC Auto Backup
It will find your PC automatically and download the latest photos onto it

– 3 colors (red, black, silver)
– 14.2 Mega Pixels, 3-inch Touch Screen LCD, 5x Optical Zoom
– Smart Touch Access User Interface 3.0
– HD Shooting with SoundAlive
– Smart Filter 2.0
– Magic Frame


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One Response to “SH100 Samsung Digital Wi-Fi Camera Review”

  1. winny Says:

    Samll in size, wifi enabled and view finder those features will be very helpfull for me to transfer and share images with friends. The design will attract many users in the market.

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