The Color of Snow

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It snowed hard. All the village is buried in a snowdrift. A deathlike silence has been settled down. I didn’t hesitate to go out with my camera. I felt an agreeable weather on the chicks. The sky was as bright as in the springtime owing to the color of snow. Lovely tall trees and gray roofs are all covered with dazzling white. I stepped on the cushiony ground. The snow was barely melted under my shoe. I just continued to walk down until the end of the village.


Samsung ST600 │ 1/350s │ f8.9 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80


Samsung ST600 │ 1/250s │ f8.9 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80


Samsung ST600 │ 1/180s │ f8.9 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80


Samsung ST600 │ 1/350s │ f8.9 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80


Samsung ST600 │ 1/500s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80


Samsung ST600 │ 1/1000s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80

On the way, I found autumnal colors, that are embroided on snowy field. Red maple leaves seemed like fresh starfishs on a white-sand beach. I was accompanied by a little dog, which was so curious about the snow. The dog, in a sweat, rolled over and over on the snow, and got a lot of snowflakes on her hairs.


Samsung NX10 │ 1/180s │ f11.0 │ 37mm │ ISO 100


Samsung NX10 │ 1/48s │ f11.0 │ 48mm │ ISO 100


Samsung ST600 │ 1/750s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80


Samsung NX10 │ 1/250s │ f11.0 │ 35mm │ ISO 100


Samsung ST600 │ 1/1000s │ f5.0 │ 9.3mm │ ISO 80

After a while, I felt my toes numb with cold. I have been caught in melting snow for over an hour. It was getting dusky, but the color of snow kept little shimmer above the horizon. I loved that lucid light, which was sat on by the snow. I felt even myself clear somehow or other. That was a snowy day with a heartfelt pleasure.


Samsung NX10 │ 1/200s │ f10.0 │ 55mm │ ISO 100


Samsung NX10 │ 1/125s │ f9.5 │ 30mm │ ISO 100


Samsung ST600 │ 1/350s │ f8.9 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80


Samsung ST600 │ 1/750s │ f8.9 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80


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