AP Award Winners 2011

Amateur Photographer is world’s oldest consumer weekly photographic magazine. British photography magazine amateur Photographer is published weekly since 10 October 1884. The magazine provides articles on equipment reviews, photographic technique, and profiles of professional photographers.
.Amateur Photographer of the Year (APOY)
APOY is an annual competition run by Amateur Photographer. Each years competition is run on a monthly basis, for the AP Award 2011 the magazine has announced the winners in several categories. There were 18 categories for 2011, 15 of which are for excellence in product design and function, two for outstanding people of our time, and a further category for god retail service.
Winner of Advanced Compact System Camera of the Year – Samsung NX10 and Winner of Entry Compact System Camera of the Year – Samsung NX100
I am very proud of NX10 and NX100. Using NX10 was the best way for me to feel the difference among many other cameras. Both are Samsung’s mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Especially, NX10 gave me strong first impression when I saw the reviews of NX10. NX10’s mirrorless interchangeable lens is giving me many different experiences that I am not able to experience by using other cameras. What ever objects I take, photos and videos are always made in high resolution and easy to adjust the setting by just turning focus lens. So I never lose any shots. Except that, compact body, high resolution, and rapid AF sensor delivered me high satisfaction and fulfilled my needs.
In addition, AP praised the NX series as the best value for money. ‘It’s easy to use and has a nice grip and excellent image quality compare with other competitor’s products.’
Meanwhile, Samsung EX1 has been nominated for ‘Enthusiast Compact Camera’, and the i-Function Lens has been nominated for ‘Technical Innovation’.
A full list of this year’s star performers is published here.

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  1. howham Says:

    If you wanna see the list of winners you may refer to http://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/news/AP_Awards_2011_news_305140.html

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