The Aerial Photography with the Imagelogers


On November 3, 2010, four Imagelogers boarded a helicopter in Seoul, Korea. Why? To test the features of Samsung’s mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, NX Series. So they’ll be able to test the features of the NX series from Samsung’s mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. The cold weather was a big challenge, but the fun memory will last forever. Shall we take a look at the scenery of Seoul in the fall through the lens (literally) of Samsung NX?


After landing at the airport, our guide led us through the security check and to the helicopter landing zone; just like when you board an airplane!


A van was waiting for us on the runway where it will take us to the helicopter.


It was my first time riding down the runway! I felt like I was VIP. After driving for about five minutes, we arrived on the helicopter landing zone.


Before the shooting, we gathered at the office to check the route and to receive training.


After receiving training on check watch-outs for aerial photography, we moved to the hanger to put the safety belts on.


For aerial photography, the helicopter doors are hung open so fastening the safety belt tightly is very important! ^^


So, this is us, the four Imagelogers. The person on the right is very tall so he struggled with putting on the belt.


The helicopter we will be riding is the latest EC155B1. Cool, huh?The helicopter was made by Eurocopter and can accommodate up to 12 people. This is a picture of all of us together before boarding!


We also read the safety features manual. After we read the safety features manual, we are ready to take off!


For safety reasons, two pilots fly together. There are so many buttons and instrument panels! I wonder what they are used for. We take off with a deafening sound from the engine.


Everyone is excited!


After takeoff, the doors are opened for photo shooting – and with it, the suffocating wind and roaring engine sound!


The rope you see in the photo is literally our lifeline. Looking down is terribly frightening, but it doesn’t stop the Imageloger from clicking away on his camera.


What you see here in the middle of the picture is the Incheon Bridge. It connects the Incheon International Airport, the gateway into Korea, with the inland.



A bird’s-eye view of the Yeongheung Bridge.


Not long after, the view of Seohae Bridge comes into sight.


The two pilots steering the helicopter constantly check both sides to make sure our path is clear. They can be heard shouting: “Left clear! OK! Right clear! OK!” in turns. Wow! You are awesome!


Catching the right angle from an aerial view was quite challenging since the helicopter moved very fast.


Due to a slight delay in schedule, we closed the door and revved up our speed to reach Seoul. About 10 minutes later, we arrived near Seoul.


This is the Jamsil Olympic Stadium where it hosted the 1988 Seoul Olympics.


Seoul sure is a crowded city! Look at these tightly packed houses!


A view of a theme park and a race track.


After successfully shooting for some two or so hours, we finally landed. The aerial photography with the Imagelogers of Samsung Electronics was indeed a memorable experience full of clear skies, fascinating landscape and excellent camera function!


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