Clay House 27. CheeseCake’s Owner

HMX-M20_25Plan_Clay house 27_01
Dear Samsungimaging’s friends! How have you been doing so far? New year has already passed by few days. We were happy to have Clay House event to let you enjoy with. And now We are going to present winner and selected title. Let’s take a look!
How to participate :
Join in our event by posting a comment below this post of your Clay house blog 27′s title along with your e-mail address.
Or If you are familiar with @Samsungimaging, tweet your own title with hash tag, #Behappy!
Please remember that the blog title has to be written in English.
Event Prize :
If your title gets selected, you will be receiving clay doll of Clay house Episode 27!!
Event period :
~ 2011. 01. 14 GMT 00: 00
Winner :
@Mikejosh76 (Congratulation!) & The title that gave us is CheeseCake’s Owner

Do you know why mouse loves cheeese so much? Because mouse has traveled all over the world and collected most kinds of cheese. When he realised that he could not finish up his cheese, he decides to open a bakery shop and bake cheese cakes. so he becomes cheese cake owner’s.

HMX-M20_25Plan_Clay house 27_02
But hey, isn’t that for cheese cake?

HMX-M20_25Plan_Clay house 27_03
Looks like mouse does not care at all…

HMX-M20_25Plan_Clay house 27_04
Do not finish up all cheese!

HMX-M20_25Plan_Clay house 27_05
Our final event has ended. You have no more clay house event to enjoy with! How sad…
But Don’t cry, We are still going to meet you at next clay house post. See You Soon.

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