CES 2011: Samsung NX11&NX100 with i-Function Lens

Samsungimaging Youtube channel

Samsung CES 2011 new products: NX11 with i-Function lens

Watch More videos From CES 2011, check out below link.

Thank you for watching!


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2개의 답글 to “CES 2011: Samsung NX11&NX100 with i-Function Lens”

  1. mable Says:

    Is this samsung new NX series? I love NX. I’m expecting the performance it should be reached my expectation.

    • maomao Says:

      Yes. NX11 is a new samsung camera. I’m expecting NX11 too. I think I will not miss any shot by just tirnning the focus lens.. and don’t have to go menu to adjust settings. That’s most interesting features.

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