Samsung SMX-F50 series camcorder

By Edwin Kee 01/05/2011, 2:00 pm PT

[CES 2011] Samsung intends to make a statement with their new SMX-F50 series of camcorders, where it will come in a compact form factor and yet cramming in enough technology to make Average Joe on the street happy with their purchase – on paper, at least. This camcorder will boast a pretty impressive 65x zoom lens without sacrificing on quality, as it incorporates other features including an SD memory card slot as well as the first Smart Background Music (BGM) ever in a family camcorder, just in case you think you’ve got a budding director gig going on. Want to know more about the budget-friendly SMX-F50 series? We definitely have more to tell in the extended post.

As mentioned earlier, the SMX-F50 series boasts 65x zoom technology, a continuous recording time of 6 hours 20 minutes (this is only possible with a 16GB memory card) as well as the ability to churn out H.264 high quality formatted videos. Included is a built-in USB port that makes charging on-the-go and connecting to a computer a snap, while built-in flash memory allows you to record precious moments even when you have run out of space on your SD memory card.

Recording background sound and music is a snap with the SMX-F50 series, since you can choose the music of your choice to go along with memories that you’re creating right here, right now. Whenever music is edited into the video, the Smart BGM feature will automatically lower the music volume whenever it detects speech in the film, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. While the F50 has no internal memory, the F53 and F54 models will come with 8GB and 16GB of storage space, respectively, right out of the box. Available from next month onwards, the F50 will retail for $199 while the G53 is going for $249 and the F54 topping that amount with another $50. Surely the F54 offers the most bang for your buck, considering the roomy interior memory provided.

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