Top Coverage Highlights at CES 2011!


USA Today included a prominent mention of the NX11 and WB700 in a recent cover story detailing various new tech
announcements being unleashed at CES. The ease-of-use of the NX11 is highlighted – “Photographers can easily use their left hand to easily adjust exposure and other functions, while keeping their grip with the right hand”. posted a “hands-on” review with the SH100, WB700 and NX11 while out at the show. The NX11’s i-Function compatibility and updated grip were both noted as “welcome upgrades”, while the compact size of both the SH100 and WB700 were noted as being standout features.

Ubergizmo highlighted SMX-F50 series of camcorders in a recent article, stating: “Samsung intends to make a statement with their new SMX-F50 series of camcorders… This camcorder will boast a pretty impressive 65x zoom lens without sacrificing on quality, as it incorporates other features including an SD memory card slot as well as the first Smart Background Music (BGM) ever in a family camcorder.”

CrunchGear posted an article on all of Samsung’s new camcorder offerings, with particular attention given to the H300 series.

InfoSyncWorld prided the P300 and P100 camcorders, stating that they are “geared for the average YouTube shooter and uploader, with a One Touch Sharing feature”. InfoSync went on to mention that “the best part is that both camcorders record at 30fps, which is ideal for video sharing sites like YouTube”.

CNET covered the HMX-Q10 quite positively, bringing to light the camcorder’s extremely competitive price-point given its multiple beneficial features.

Gizmodo praised the Wi-Fi capabilities of the SH100 digital camera, stating: “Samsung’s SH100 isn’t the first point-and-shoot to have Wi-Fi, but it makes better use of it than most: You can use Samsung’s Galaxy S Android phones as a wireless remote and geotagger for the camera.” posted an article prior to the NX11 launch in which Samsung was commended for moving forward with the NX line by adding notable upgrades to its newest NX-series camera. “It’s good to see that Samsung is still going full steam ahead on their NX series cameras.” commended Samsung for making strides in the Wi-Fi enabled digital imaging space, stating “The SH100 definitely represents a step forward in the compact camera field. With Wi-Fi available in many public locations, the demand for cameras that can painlessly share photos and videos for viewing by friends and family on social networking sites is growing.”

Engadget stating “To say that Samsung had an unforgettable day here at CES would be understating things dramatically. The company has introduced dozens upon dozens of new (digital imaging) products, and now it’s dishing out a few more before letting everyone else grapple for a share of the limelight.”


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