NX100 as the Samsung’s most powerful resource(1)

Samsung Digital Imaging has provided the author of this review with the mentioned digital imaging device.
The rush of the NX
The NX from Samsung consists of equipment from Samsung such as sensor, lens, image processor, AMOLED screen, battery, and various accessories. Panasonic and Sony have similar products, but I think Samsung has the most powerful resources. Samsung has already made 3 compact interchangeable lens type cameras with 5 different lenses. It’s been about a year since the NX10. The NX10 was just the beginning. I’m anticipating the next models. The world’s first i-Function lens NX100, firmware upgrade for previous users, APS-C, and the upgrade of contrast AF. Samsung is so passionate that no one can deny the great work of Samsung for the NX series.

Great mobility and NX100 for beginners
The NX10 is a camera for those who want a compact and interchangeable lens camera. The NX10 is targeted to entry users who are looking for a small DSLR, and in design and functions, it rather focuses on women users than men. Small and light it’s a interchangeable lens camera with easy operation. It really expresses what Samsung’s trying to do. Functions can be operated in the lens and the newly introduced lenses are so compact that they can fit in a hand bag. By offering convenient smart functions, all users need to do is to push the shutter. The design isn’t a classical style, but comfortable style.
NX100 reflects the customers’ voices
With the launching of the NX100, the firmware of the NX10 and NX5 were also updated. This includes not only i-Function lens, but also upgraded white balance and the quality in high ISO. Of course, it’s not easy to find out the differences. However, according to users who have used the firmware of the NX10, they could feel something different. The NX100 shows Samsung’s change in regards to the users thoughts.
The NX100 is better than the NX10 in ISO 6400, Frame mode which keeps the brightness in M mode, Sound recording over pictures before and after shooting, FA checking focus through focus stick, and various Smart Filter editing functions. Flash is not included in the package, but it is smaller and supports more functions. I heard the performance of the dust elimination program has also been a little upgraded. The color feel and characteristic of images were almost the same as the NX10. However, for me the sharpness was a little stronger.
Powerful NX lens and world’s first i-Function lens
The strongest power of the Samsung is the quality of lenses. Lumix lenses from Panasonic are also great, but I was really surprised at the quality from center (of the frame) to corner as a large sensor. Not only the 30mm pancake lens, but also i-Function lenses released with the camera have great quality which doesn’t just focus on the iFn. Another big advantage is the reasonable price. The lenses releases are the 20-50mm and 20mm. These lenses are the first innovative interface lenses that are controlled by the button on the lens as well as the focus ring.
Operating the camera (is) faster with the left hand
The main point of the i-Function lenses is to grip the camera with the right hand and to control the functions with the left hand.

Operation of i-Function lens (20-50mm i-Function lens)

Operation of i-Function lens

(20mm i-Function lens / View from the front and back side.)
On the other hand, in order to get used to it, users need to try (it out) a little. Otherwise, users might consider the previous buttons to be more intuitive. The shape of the button is difficult to find without looking at it, because it’s almost flat with the barrel, and when adjusting the focus ring, it might be moved. The operation direction should have been selected by users.
Compact body and smooth curved leaf design
When the body of the NX100 came out, people talked about the style a lot. The design concept of the NX100 is European smooth curved leaf design. That’s why people who expected more classical design such as a rectangular body were disappointed. On the other hand, it’s more comfortable and better to hold. It looks better and better when you keep looking at it. It’s like the first impression of the NX10, even though the style is a little different. Of course, the design depends on each user, but users need to see it actually to judge the style.
Stable grip and soft material
There’s a smooth hole for a thumb finger on the body, so the grip is quite great. The comfortable grip of the NX series is really impressive. The rounded body design is a strength when it comes to holding on to it.
The body is made of plastic and the surface is half-glossy and soft. It comes with 3 colors black, white, and brown, and I saw the white and black actually. It could have been better if the body was made of metal such as aluminum.
An assist light is located on the left side and a lens detach button is on the right side. The mount is the NX exclusive lens mount.
The top is silver. Jog dial is to adjust the shutter speed, size of focus area, and exposure in M mode. When in play mode, it’s used to zoom in/out.
The power button is a left/right switch type. When the sensor cleaning mode is off, the booting time is less than 1 sec. Due to the circular and protruding grip, it might look quite thick, but looking at it from the side, it’s fat on top and slim on the bottom.
3” AMOLED screen, seen from all angles
and vivid color expression in 610K pixels
The AMOLED screen by Samsung is so fascinating. If you have already experienced the EX1 which is the highest quality camera from Samsung, you’d know how powerful the AMOLED screen is. Someday, other makers might use the Samsung AMOLED screen, but so far, I think the Samsung AMOLED screen is the best in color reproduction, reality, and gradation among all the displays.
Especially, the wide viewing angle close to 180 degree, 3000x faster response than a TFT LCD, high contrast ration 100,00:1, and low battery consumption are the representative advantages of the AMOLED screen. The battery life is much better than the specification. With little light, it shows smooth images, there was a little noise in a dark area, but it didn’t affect the color expression. thing I have to tell you as a weakness is that it should have been brighter in a very low light condition, but I think a ultra high sensitivity sensor is necessary for this.


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