Clay House 25. Couching Elephant Babysitting Teddy Bear

Did you have fun & happy christmas? Didn’t you guys have more fun and felt happier when you were joining our Clay house event? Now here comes another challenge for you to enjoy!
As you may all know by now, if your title gets selected, you are going to win a Clay house Toy! It’s On Now!
How to participate :
Join in our event by posting a comment below this post of your Clay house blog 25′s title along with your e-mail address.
Or If you are familiar with @Samsungimaging, tweet your own title with hash tag, #NewyearEvent!
Please remember that the blog title has to be written in English.
Event Prize :
If your title gets selected, you will be receiving clay doll of Clay house Episode 25!!
Event period :
~ 2010. 12. 31 GMT 00: 00
Winner :
Mylene Manuel (Congratulation!) l The title is ‘Couching Elephant Babysitting Teddy Bear’.
Today Lazy Elephant wants to be a baby sitter for Teddy bear. It was hard decision on him and he really wanted to work perfectly as an excellent baby sitter. But Once he sat on the red sofa, he could not control himsef! Look at him, he is just being lazy like all days.
Look at him!
Clay house event_elephant02
Think he is going to fall asleep…
Poor Teddy bear
Clay house event_elephant03
Congratulation again, Mylene Manuel! Creative and funny title that we have never had before! Thanks for participating in our event! We truly appreciated it 🙂
Our third mission is ended. You have 2 more clay event posts to enjoy! So stay with us & meet the newest new year event on 3th of Jan in 2011.

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