2View Class – How to Update Animations for ST100 & ST600 Users

Hi! I am So-Young and I will be guiding you through the cool functions of Samsung’s 2View camera.

In July 2010, Samsung Electronics launched the ST600 and ST100, which are both 2View cameras. With its stylish design, color, and glossy metal surface, the ST600, which has 27-135mm lens and the ST100 with 35-175mm inner zoom lens, were enough to grab the attention of many. The cameras also come with a smart filter, which allows the users to easily shoot photos and edit them; however, the most salient feature of the ST600 and ST100 are the dual views. Creating much buzz from the day it was introduced, the dual view can be used for many different purposes on top of the self-camera function. Now, let’s take a look at the functions 2View has to offer. Today, I will go over the Children Mode and how to update the animation source for Children Mode.

With the Children Mode, you can have animations appear on the front LCD along with interesting sound effects to grab the attention of kids.

Here are the steps to setting the Children Mode on the ST100 and ST600.

1. Press F.LCD, go to Shooting Mode, and touch the Children icon.

2. The animation will play automatically on the front screen.

The first generation of 2View series – ST500, ST550 (TL220, TL225) – had the front LCD play animation and it was extremely popular among parents as it helped them to take very natural pictures of their children. The animation function also applied to the PL150 (TL210) and sound was also introduced based on customer feedbacks. Finally with the ST600 and ST100, Children Mode has adopted animation sound.

But, what if the kids get tired of watching the embedded animation?

No worries! You can download a wide variety of animations including the very popular ‘Pororo.’ Just follow these simple steps!

There are two steps to updating the animation for the ST100ST600 Children Mode.

1) Samsung’s website

2) Intelli Studio

<How to download from Samsung’s website>

1. Make sure that the memory card is inserted into the camera. Connect the camera to the PC and turn on the power.

2. A removable disk with SAMSUNG as its name will appear.

3. Among the animation choices, click on the picture you want to download and make sure to save it.


*Make sure to save the animation files on the SAMSUNG removable disk.

4. Disconnect the camera from the PC and turn on the camera.

5. The animation is updated automatically and existing files will be replaced with new ones. The following message will show while updating.

6. Once the update is complete, the camera will turn off automatically. If you turn on the camera, the new animation will play.

<How to update using Intelli Studio>

1. If you connect the camera with the memory card with a PC, a window will automatically appear asking if you would like to download the animation for the ST100 or ST600. One thing to be careful about – if the camera runs out of battery and turns itself off during downloading, it could damage the camera. Press ‘Yes’ and click on the animation of your choice to start the download.

2. Disconnet the camera from the PC and turn on the camera.  A display window will read that the animation is being replaced. Do not turn off the power or remove the battery. Wait until the update is 100% complete. Once the updates complete, select Children Mode to watch the new animations!

* After the update is complete, all animation files might be deleted from the memory card depending on the firmware of the camera. If they are not deleted automatically, download and update the firmware as necessary.

The cute pictures and unique sounds offered by the Children Mode is more than enough to grab the attention of children. That’s not all!!! Pets will also pay attention to the 2View camera!!

The ST600 and ST100 will make a perfect gift to families with young children who would want to record their memories.

For next time, I will go over the Smart Filter functions. (Fish eye, Miniature, Vignetting, Defog, Sketch)

Until then, bye!


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