Winners’ Smile at the Imageloger’s Exhibition

The four best Imagelogers won the prize at the Samsung Imageloger’s Exhibition held at Samsung d’light in Seoul last Saturday. Dae Young Lee ranked first as the best Imageloger among the four, and Tae Young Ahn, Young Dae Han, and Min Tae Moon won the Excellence Award along with him.
We at Samsungimaging asked for a short interview with them and they briefly stated their feelings about having received the award.
[Tae Young Ahn – NX user]
Q: What kind of the camera do you use? How about the Samsung camera?
A: Since the launch of the NX10, I have been highly interested in the mirrorless camera; I’m using it together with the NX5 and the NX100. Frankly, I had a more positive point of view on the Samsung camera after buying it than before while using it. I’m fully expecting the upcoming cameras from Samsung to be just as great now that Samsung is the only manufacturer directly producing the camera in Korea. I’m pleased to have personally experienced the development of Samsung as one of the Imageloger awardees.
Q: Among your own photos displayed on this wall, which one is your favorite?
A: I tried to take a lot of pictures and hand in them on time for this exhibition. The reason why I picked this picture is because I thought my picture had to bring a lot of joy. This place is located at Wooeumdo in Hwasung where it’s popular among photographers. I looked at my shadow on the sandy beach and I would have loved to have fun with my shadow and shells. This is why I took this shadowy self-portrait. Many viewers liked this, as do I.
Q: How many photos are displayed here?
A: There are three photos that are mine.
Q: What is your New Year’s resolution as an Imageloger?
A: I’m going to enjoy my life constantly using photography in the New Year. If Samsung releases its brand new camera, I’ll try to take high quality photos with that camera. Thank you!
[Young Dae Han – NX10 user / Min Tae Moon – E10 user]
The other winner, Mr. Moon, who is using the HMX E10 was praised about his individual camerawork recorded by the camera installed on the small ship. We asked him about why he recorded his video that way and he said, “I wanted to express the feeling of taking a boat or a car.” Mr. Han looked like he couldn’t hide his delightful feeling of winning the award. He hopes that Samsung doesn’t settle for status; rather, Samsung should strengthen its position in the international camera market.
Ten people from China came to the exhibition in order to celebrate this event together and we asked two of them about visiting Seoul again. One of them, Ms. Yao Yao, who uses the EX1 and the NX100, praised the Samsung camera for its awesome design, portable form, and high resolution. The people who participated in this event closely watched the photos displayed.
[Niuyulong – NX user]
Q: When did you arrive here? How many times have you visited Korea?
A: Even if this is the second time I visited here, I’m still excited! I am especially happy to have come to here together with the newly added Imagelogers!
Q: What kind of the camera do you use? What object do you prefer?
A: I’m using the NX10 and the NX100 now. I like to take pictures of everything in my daily life. Thanks to the portable Samsung camera, I think it’s a really good camera because I can take photos at any time.
Q: You continue this activity in the next year! What’s your New Year’s resolution?
A: I’m going to recommend my friends to do this activity as the Samsung Imageloger. I’ll try to take better photographs. Thank you!

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