The NX10′s Hot Issues of 2010!

Goodbye 2010!
What happened at Samsungimaging this year? If I were to choose the most popular Samsung camera launched this year, it will definitely be the NX10. The NX10 was Samsung’s first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, whose compact body, high resolution, and rapid AF sensor fulfilled the needs of its users.
Let’s take a look back from this year for Samsung’s NX10 through the SNS channel (Samsungimaging blog, YouTube, and Flickr).
Samsungimaging Blog (
With the start of the New Year, NX10 unveiled its presence in January 2010. Although the NX10 didn’t have a mirror or pentaprism function, the APS-C sensor delivered on both portability and performance.
Commemorating 10,000 followers on Samsungimaging’s Twitter channel, an event was held under the NX10’s leading slogan, ‘Why Capture? Create!’. The first place winner was awarded the NX10. There was a rush of applicants, but the photo of a cute little girl reading a newspaper with the slogan won the competition.
In April, WCIC was held where photos taken with the NX10 competed. With students from six countries around the world, voting was conducted on-line. The top ten participants were invited to hold exhibitions in Korea and to attend the awards ceremony.
So, is there anything the NX10 can’t capture? Samsungimaging organized ‘The World through Samsung NX10’ campaign with photographers from National Geographic. Two photographers traveled from Barcelona, Spain to Chengdu, China with the NX10 in their hands to portray the unique landscapes of the two countries. The campaign was instrumental in demonstrating that mirrorless cameras can create works just as nice as those with DSLR; the showcase at Photokina received much spotlight.

Mirrorless Camera NX10, hit the Trefa!
Samsung NX10 has received “Trefa” award (trefa means “hit” or “shot”) for quality of pictures, over-average lenses and good cost-value comparison
Experts were no exception when it came to complimenting the NX10. The NX10 won various awards this year including the Tefra Awards, DIMA 2010 Innovative Digital Product Awards, and PFV Fair.
Samsungimaging’s YouTube Channel (
YouTube’s Featured Videos from this year!
Here are a few NX10 videos that created much buzz on the YouTube channel. As much spotlight that it received, a wide variety of NX10 viral videos were produced.
In this video, stop motion technique is used to illustrate the NX10 in a familiar way. The video seems to deliver the message that the camera is light in weight and can be used in an environment with a wide variety of fun. You do not need to be a professional to enjoy high quality photo!)
The video aptly demonstrates the camera slogan ‘Why Capture? Create!’
As much buzz as the camera created, ‘Video Making Story’ was also highly popular. Some 1,429 slices were cut to make the paper camera and the smallest details such as the shape and hot key were reproduced to accurately represent the camera. Check out the film making process on the YouTube channel.
The inside of the NX10 is represented in flipbook format for easier understanding. The whole book was flipped using hands in 30 seconds. The pentaprism and mirror have been removed, reducing the volume of the body and weight. Being much lighter than the DSLR, the camera is much more portable. Check out the video for basic understanding of interchangeable lens.
Samsungimaging’s Flickr Channel (
The strong interest in the NX10 was also expressed on Flickr. In 2010, 741 pictures taken with the NX10 were posted on Flickr. You can check out the pictures by clicking here.
Here are a couple of photos to share with you. Let’s observe these impressive photos taken with the NX10. These photos aptly illustrate the benefits of the NX10.
Why Capture? Create! Samsung NX10
Samsung NX10 │ 1/60s │ f/2.0 │ ISO 100 │ 30mm
This portrait was the most viewed in the Samsungzone Flickr Photostream. The photo of young kids was taken by Yonghyun Chi, an NX10 imageloger, on his tour of India. The warm color and the facial expression of the models are impressive.
Why Capture? Create! Samsung NX10
Samsung NX10 │ 1/45s │ f/2.0 │ ISO 200 │ 30mm
It was taken on a quiet street in the dead of the night from the second floor of a building. The street is dark but the bright lighting from a store at the center of the photo makes it appear as if a pinhole effect was used.
A great work in low illumination received high scores with many registering it as ‘My Favorite.’
Why Capture? Create! Samsung NX10
Samsung NX10 │ 1/45s │ f/4.5 │ ISO 1600 │ Croped
Daily objects that you see everywhere viewed from a different angle sometimes creates totally different yet marvelous subjects. The two eggs in the red bowl look like the face of a person. Daniel Kulinski, a NX10 imageloger and photographer is famous for looking at mundane objects from a fresh angle. Try to look at your familiar surrounding with fresh eyes – you will get great pictures!!
Last but not least is Ben Heine, who always entertains us with creative ideas. Already an on-line star, he has joined hands with the NX10 this time.

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