Samsungimaging’s Special Invitation – The 2nd Imageloger’s Exhibition

Last Saturday, the Samsung imageloger’ s Exhibition was held at Samsung d’ light in Seoul. This second exhibition followed on the heels of the first successful exhibition held in June of this year.
Like the last exhibition, many people participated in everything from the opening ceremony to viewing Imagelogers’ photos to just enjoying the whole event. The second half of the Imageloger’s Photo Exhibition will be held from December 18, 2010 until January 15, 2011 in the gallery hall of the Samsung d’light.
As you may or may not already know, Imageloger is a combination of the words ‘image’ and ‘blogger’. It refers to a social relationship or space through which we share stories by way of images. The Imageloger is aimed to contribute to a better and happier world while sharing images under the title of “I am a good blogger.”
Introduction of the Imagelogers and the reports on their activities were made by Samsung’s staffs in charge of this event. Ten Imagelogers from China visited the opening ceremony and celebrated the photo exhibition. They also didn’t forget to mention their expectation of Samsung’s new camera which will make its debut sometime in the upcoming year.
We can’t forget the awards ceremony for the best Imagelogers. Samsung awarded plaques and additional prizes to four Imagelogers. They were surprised yet delighted at receiving the unexpected prizes. Also, Samsung held a lucky draw for the attendees by giving the Galaxy Tab and a Samsung camera.
While enjoying refreshments, attendees had time to appreciate 116 of the awesome pictures taken by the Imagelogers from 16 countries including those by Daniel Kulinski and Ben Heine.
To see pictures from the exhibition, click on the Korean site:

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