Clay house 23. Lovely Couple Taking a Bath

How to participate :
Join in our event by posting a comment below this post of your Clay house blog 23′s title along with your e-mail address. Please remember that the blog title has to be written in English.
Event Prize :
If your title gets selected, you will be receiving clay doll of Clay house Episode 23!!
Event period :
~ 2010. 12. 17 GMT 00: 00
Winner :
stella(congratulation!) & a Title she gave us is ’Lovely Couple Taking a Bath’
A kind hearted crocodile has been feeling lonely just because he looks rough. Poor crocodile had nothing to do so he just decides to take a bath. Luckily he has his favourite old-toy, Duck to accompany with. So let’s enjoy watching how they have a fun!

Congratulation again, stella! Nice name that we have never had before! Thanks for participating in our event! We truly appreciated it 🙂
Our first mission has been ended. You got 4 more clay event posts to enjoy with! So stay on & See you in next Clay blog 24 on 20th Dec ’10.

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