Clay house 23. Christmas event 01 : Get Me A Title!

Dear Samsungimaging blog’s friends! How are you guys going?
Have you been enjoying our blog this year? It’s always our pleasure to have you guys around!
So to celebrate upcoming Christmas & New Year, we are giving away “Cute Clay Toys” for the very first time as a prize for our event!
How to participate :
Join in our event by posting a comment below this post of your Clay house blog 23′s title along with your e-mail address. Please remember that the blog title has to be written in English.
Event Prize :
If your title gets selected, you will be receiving clay doll of Clay house Episode 23!!

Event period :
~ 2010. 12. 17 GMT 00: 00
Check out the clay making video below for your reference.

Our first mission has been revealed. This event will be held for 5 weeks which means 4 more clay event posts are on the way!
Please look forward to our next clay house post 24 that is going to be revealed next week!!!
Thanks for participating in our event! We truly appreciated it 🙂
The first winner will be announced on 17th of Dec!!!

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