CLAY HOUSE 22. Lonely Grandfather, Tiger

How close do you live from your relatives, especially your grandparents?
How often do you visit your grandparents’ house?
Here is a tiger that is very lonely and alone in the forest.
No one visits him except a bird who keeps him company sometimes.
He is trying not to feel down, so he starts smoking for no reason.
But it seems to not be working…
Let’s call or visit our grandfather and grandmother now if you live close to each other!
Let’s visit our lonely grandfather, Tiger, too!

#Let’s visit our lonely grandfather
#Meeting our grandfather, Tiger
HMX-M20_25Plan_22_02 HMX-M20_25Plan_22_03
# Visit me again!
HMX-M20_25Plan_22_04 HMX-M20_25Plan_22_05 HMX-M20_25Plan_22_06
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