The NX100′s Leaf Design Won the PIN UP Design Awards!

Samsung Electronics Co,. Ltd has proudly announced that the NX100, a new Samsung mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, has been awarded in ‘PIN UP Design Awards 2010/2011’.
The PIN UP Design Awards is held by Korea Association of Industrial Designers. There are nine sectors including Electronic Devices, Electronic Appliances, Transportation, Home Living & Accessories, Furniture, Office Equipment & Supplies, Future Strategic Research, Environments, Industrial Equipments & Apparatus, Interaction.
The screening meeting composed of prominent domestic and foreign designers selects products recognized to have outstand designs among the submitted products as PIN UP certified designs. Among the selected certified designs, products with exceptionally outstanding designs for each sector are selected as PIN UP Gold, PIN UP Silver, and PIN UP Bronze.
Samsung NX100 has received PIN UP Bronze of Electronic Devices’ sector, which is for electronic products referring to all designs made through electronic devices and includes mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, laptops, digital TV, PMP, audios, etc.
The design of the NX100, so beloved by consumers, is inspired by the simple shape of dew forming on a leaf, which can be seen on the camera’s shutter button and curved body.

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