YouTube Featured videos this week – Cat’s Ordinary Life

Searching for Soulmate…
It sounds like a greater task than what it actually is written down in words. Who is the person you spend most of your time with? Family? Co-workers? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? You arrived at home dragging your tired body, and before you even lit the light in your room, there is something at the corner with their eyes wide opened, quietly tip toeing towards to you to welcome you.
What about pets? Pets are really good friends, not just for single people but for nuclear family and for the elderly as well. They are a good companion and also being an energizer to our life. Pets make you smile and make you take them out for a walk when you’re about to become really lazy. I’m really into my dog these days as well.
The videos that I’m going introduce today are videos about cats.
Each of users took videos of their own cats but somehow it seems like the videos are connected into one story. Let’s take a look at the lovely day of the kitties.
First off, let’s take a look at the video with a green background that reminds us of a start of a fresh morning and the clear outline of the cat which adds depth to the video.
08:00 AM Opening a Morning>

#1. The Happy Cat :] Samsung HMX H105 test (watch in HD)

The Happy Cat :]
– ID: Evillo
– Product: HMX-H105

This footage is filled with elaborate imaging technology of the owner and he’s affection towards the cat. His cat is still doing very well. 🙂
10:00 AM A stroll around the park with idle owner>
#2. Testing my samsung smx F34: Funny cats – My friend Unghietta

Testing my Samsung smx-F34: Funny cat- My friend Unghietta

– ID: dioinfedele
– Product: SMX-F34
I think these sort of cute actions are what makes you want to keep and raise pets. They can be harsh sometimes but unexpected innocent behavior from them is what puts a smile on owner’s face.
12:00AM Happy shooting hour with the owner who just got out of bed>
#3. Samsung R10 – Using the Macro feature

Using the Macro feature

– ID: adzie91
– Product: HMX-R10
The close-up of black spotted cat is quite impressive. I don’t think I’ve seen the eyes, whiskers, nose and the licking face of the cat this close. What’s even more amazing is the excellent harmony with the background music. The camerawork that almost seems like it’s checking every movement of the cat is in great harmony with the music. I’d like to thumb up for owner’s sensitive shots. The point of this video is the utilization of macro feature among many features of HMX-R10.
13:00PM Two cats, Brandy and Nao, sharing their meal in amity>
#4. Nutrition for Brandy and Nao taken by WB500(HZ10W)

Nutrition for Brandy and Nao

Brandy and Nao is enjoying a fancy meal? I personally adore the lovely warm heart of the owner who is serving their cat with highly nutritious food taking their diet into consideration. FYI, this cat is the leading cat featured in one of Samsungimaging blog post called “Brandy Holic”. If you want to know more about Brandy, I’d recommend you read the post. I’m sure you’ll be captivated by Brandy’s charm.
Samsungimaging>Lifestyle> Brandy Holic

14:00PM A start of a leisurely evening, wordplay with the owner>
#5. Katze Antwortet speaking cat Meckerkatze

Katze Antwortet speaking cat Meckerkatze

– ID: darmwild
– Product: VP-MX 20
Where do you think is the cat’s favorite place? I remember seeing a cat drowsing at the backyard when I was little. Our Meckerkatze! Meckerkatze is sitting on top of the fish tank. Trying to catch a fish, maybe? J Cats tend to have the habit of seeking high places. Meckerkatze is showing off its amazing ability. Having a conversation with the owner!

15:00PM A sleepy cat purring>
#6. Burr purr sturm Samsung HMX-R10 video test 1080p

Burr purr sturm

– ID: Rick Dean(bonesquat)
– Product: HMX-R10
A quick nap is like a medicine for busy modern people. Is the cat sleepy or simply breathing? Let’s enjoy the graphic sound of a Burr’s purr taken with HMX-R10. He told that he is still happy with this amazing HMX-R10!

19:00PM Bath time for my kittie, who’s been rolling around the whole day>
#7. Kitten Bath

Kitten Bath

– ID: leadhobokiller
– Product: HMX-H200
Our last hero, Kitten! Taking a bath at the end of the day. There are some who love water and enjoy taking baths but there are some who are eager to run away. How cute!
I don’t know how time has passed looking into a day of a cat through these 7 videos. If you are an owner of a pet who’s as adorable as the cats featured on these videos, film it with camcorders! And if that camcorder is a product of Samsung, that’s an icing on the cake for me! J You can check out more videos from other users at Samsungimaging YouTube. If you’d like to share your video, please leave a message on YouTube!
To watch more Samsung User’s video, visit here.
Thank you for watching!

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  1. howham Says:

    I think the video which taken by WB500 has high quality than videos taken by camcorder

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