Save Samsung Imaging’s Gallery on Your Computer.

Samsung has recently released a new screen saver for its fans. You can currently download the file, and enjoy photos taken by Samsung Imagelogers on your PC.

Samsung Imaging’s screen saver is made up with fabulous shots of Samsung’s best cameras and videos. With a sweet back music, the screen saver clearly shows the quality of Samsung digital cameras and camcorders.

Starting with Samsung’s new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera the NX100, it shows the first mirrorless camera NX10, ultra natural-brightness camera EX1(TL500), high-end compact camera WB2000(TL350), and new 2Vew series ST600 and ST100. After the simple information and images of cameras, you will see some sample videos taken with HMX-S16 and HMX-T10.

To download the screen saver, please click here.

To see the Imagelogers’ photos, please visit Samsung Imaging’s flickr channel.


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