Making of ‘B-Boy Dance in the Dark with E10’

Our video ‘B-Boy Dance in the Dark’ is a futuristic union of athletic B boys with uniforms featuring 20 camcorders.
For ‘B-Boy Dance’, 20 of E10 Camcorders and about 3L fluorescent liquid were used.
Videos that were played through LCDs of E10s were recorded earlier by shooting colorful videos on computer monitor.
E10 Key Feature
– Pocket Size (Ease of Use)
– 1080 full HD video
– 270 degree Swivel Angle Lens
– Smart Filter & Panorama mode
– Built in USB arm
– 2.7” Touch LCD
Please visit Samsung E10 Microsite!
The main reason why we used fluorescent liquid with flickering E10 LCDs is that we believed that glowing materials could enhance the visual impression of every single detail of B boys’ move.
B boys you see in the video are Zero-Nine and Ghost who are well known professional B-boys.
It was an awesome opportunity to work with them and we believe that our video turned out just like the way we planned.

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One Response to “Making of ‘B-Boy Dance in the Dark with E10’”

  1. kho Says:

    wow. That’s pretty interesting!

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