Odd One Out: A New Facebook Game

Odd One Out’, a new Facebook game, has been launched on Samsung Imaging official Facebook page.

Let’s check out how to play ‘Odd One Out’!

This is Samsung Imaging official Facebook page.

Do you see ‘Odd One Out’?

When click ‘Like’ button, you will be able to enjoy the game.

Before we start, let’s take a look what this game is.

As you see, ‘Odd One Out’ is the game pointing out the odd picture of all.

You can know better when you experience the game.

First of all, pick up one of three themes. I choose this.

After loading, the game starts.

Are you ready?

The odd picture of them is…

This one!

The game is getting more difficult with higher levels.

The game consists of 10 stages. On the first stage, there are only four pictures that you can reconixe the odd one easily, but on the last stage, you have to find the odd one of 36 pictures.

When you clear the game, it shows your record and ranking. If you want to enjoy with your friends, please click ‘Invite Friends’ button.

You can also share your record on twitter and facebook.

The pictures come out randomly, so you would feel you play new games.

After finish this game, Samsung NX100 appears. Click the NX100, then you can meet OK Go!

Don’t you feel you would challenge it?

Click Here!


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