SAMSUNG HMX-H205 Preview

Ergonomic design with mobility
By adopting SSD, it becomes lighter as 283g,
and the ergonomic design allows users easier shooting.

BSI CMOS guarantees the best quality
By adopting BSI CMOS, it shoots more vivid movies.
By increasing the noise elimination performance,
the quality of Full HD camcorder is upgraded.

<Fine Quality> 1080i/16:9 wide Full HD
<Normal Quality> 480i
Schneider 20x Optical zoom lens
It has Schneider Kreuznach Zoom lens which has the best quality
and different from other products magnifying the low resolution to HD quality,
real 20x zoom is available, so subjects in a long distance can be taken so clearly
and with the digital zoom, 200x zoom is also possible.

Hand blur? The Answer is Smart OIS.
Newly developed Smart OIS
You will experience the upgraded IS function.

SSD internal memory
It has adopted the flash based SSD as an internal memory.
The SSD is faster than HDD in booting, reading, and operating time.

Because the SSD has a high stability and reliability with less noise
and low power consumption, it’s a really great camcorder.
SDHC slot for additional memory
High resolution photo shooting like a digital camera
It can take high resolution still images,
so you don’t need to buy a digital camera any more.

Touch and Reaction! Touch Screen 2.7” Wide LCD
Because it supports a touch screen, it’s very simple to operate the camcorder.
It supports Magic Finger Focus which sets the focus and shoots by touching it.

Smart Auto
Smart Auto which automatically recognizes the scenes
and sets the camcorder to the optimized mode makes the shooting more convenient.

Built-in S/W intelli-studio 2.0
Intelli-Studio is included in the body,
so by connecting the camcorder to a PC via USB,
it can easily be used without installing any software.
It also allows users to upload videos on web sites such as
YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook, so UCC can easily be made
and sharing is also very simple.
Combination of Full HD and HDMI
By connecting the HD camcorder to a digital TV via HDMI cable,
users can enjoy high quality videos on a big and vivid screen.


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