Samsung’s New Design of Display 2011: Annual Party in Chile!

Samsung recently had an annual party with dealers. The party was held in Santiago, Chile, mainly demonstrating new design of display of all area applying GSI 2.0.
About 140 people, including important client of CE, HHP, and IS area (Owners, General Mgr, Visual Mgr, etc), have participated in the party reviewing display and Biz, and having discussion.
Each prompter invites group of client into the display gallery of all product and enjoy the display and product.
The NX10 and the NX100, of course, have goten a lot of attention, and the Galaxy S was still very popular.
Participations also enjoyed the party with delicious finger food.
Cecilia Bolocco, a beautiful entertainer and former Miss Universe 1987, hosted the party.
Hyun Chil Hong, president of Samsung Chile, introduced activities such as launching event, SECH opening ceremony, CES, Latin forum, and trip to Korea.
It was a meaningful time that reviewed past years and previewed new design of display 2011 with dealers.

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