20mm sounds good!

Samsung Electronics has provided the author of this article with the mentioned digital imaging device.
From a few days I’m lucky owner of 20mm to NX cameras system. So far my favorite lens was a 30mm, but it seems that I have a new favorite.
The new lens is made of very solid, if you have a 30mm and you say this is it, then wait for the 20mm. Glass is slightly larger than 30mm, the materials of which it is made perfect in my opinion. Filters have 43mm diagonal, too bad that there is no lens hood. As usual, in the box is a stand and pouch and manual.
The lens has a metal mount, it only shows a plus of its quality. Ring for the function works much better, than the previous lenses. Feel the gentle resistance when turning.
The new lens has a “i-Fn” function . It’s very interesting, not seen anywhere!
I’ve tried to use it and checked it, but personally I prefer the control of the camera (I’ve NX10), NX100 has a slightly different button layout, so in this model may be a totally different feeling.
After mounting the 20mm to NX10, button “iFn” hiding a little under the cover of flash that may be a small hurdle in use, but just get used to it and no problem.
According to the manual focus lens captures from 17cm, but I think it is a 14-15cm.
EX1_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_01
Samsung EX1 │ 1/60s │ f1.8 │ 5.2mm │ ISO 100
EX1_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_02
Samsung EX1 │ 1/4s │ f1.8 │ 5.2mm │ ISO 100
Here few pictures taken with my new toy 20mm 🙂
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_02
Samsung NX10 │ 1/80s │ f2.8 │ 20mm │ ISO 200
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_03
Samsung NX10 │ 1/80s │ f2.8 │ 20mm │ ISO 400
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_04
Samsung NX10 │ 1/80s │ f2.8 │ 20mm │ ISO 400
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_05
Samsung NX10 │ 1/60s │ f3.2 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_11
Samsung NX10 │ 1/25s │ f7.1 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_10
Samsung NX10 │ 1/80s │ f4.3 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_06
Samsung NX10 │ 1/125s │ f4.3 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_07
Samsung NX10 │ 1/400s │ f5.6 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_12
Samsung NX10 │ 1/80s │ f2.8 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_08
Samsung NX10 │ 1/60s │ f5.6 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
I’ve to wersion of this tree 🙂 befor and after:
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_09
Samsung NX10 │ 1/60s │ f6.3 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_01
Samsung NX10 │ 1/180s │ f6.3 │ 30mm │ ISO 100
And for the end new flowers st November!!!
NX10_Daniel Kulinski_20mmlens_13
Samsung NX10 │ 1/250s │ f2.8 │ 20mm │ ISO 100

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