NX Lens Line-Up, ready to retain its title in 2011

There are lots of people who would like to know about the NX lens line-up. Let me introduce the lens that will be released soon.
As you know, 5 kinds of the NX lenses have been launched so far.
The Pan cake Lens 30mm, the Standard Zoom Lens 18-55mm and the Telephoto Zoom Lens 50-200mm were released with the first NX10 debut. The Wide pan cake Lens 20mm and the Compact Zoom Lens 20~50mm with i-Function made its debut with the NX100 release.
The i-Function lens has a single button on it, that can set the shutter speed, exposure, or white balance with the value ring. You can use the NX10 with i-Function lens, if you upgrade the Firmware (to Version 1.20 for NX10).
Let’s take a look at the upcoming lens.
The movie Pro 18-200mm lens will be released in the first half of 2011 among 3 other kinds of lenses.
This lens can be used in many ways for portraits to landscapes. As you guess from the name, it is totally suitable for recording videos because of its smooth motor and fast AF speed. Great for quickly focusing on subject.
The 16mm Wide Pan Cake lens has the lowest F setting at F2.8. This lens is also especially thin, making it quite portable. A very attractive feature for the NX users. And not to mention taking landscape photos with this lens.
Here’s the macro 60mm lens, that many people have been waiting for. It has F2.8, OIS and the ultrasonic waves motor with no noise. With the lens in Full Manual Focus it is possible to take some very extreme close up shots without much distance from the camera to the subject.
As of right now in the second half of 2011, there are two types of lenses being released. A Home Movie Lens and a Portrait lens. Little else in know and details might change as the dates approach.
The Movie Home Lens has 16-80mm, F3.5~4.5 and it is optimized for recording.
The Portrait Lens regarded as the premium lens for professionals. It is 85mm, has a F1.4 Truly a great lens for portraits.
I’ll let you know more details when I learn more information on these lenses.
Anybody can take pictures like a professional photographer because all the upcoming lenses have the i-Function.
Samsung always strides to make better lenses.

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  2. ginyao Says:

    This is first time to see the information about NX lens. good to see. I’m so intersted!

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