OK Go’s Last Leaf and Your Toast

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has announced the release of the music video for indie band OK Go’s latest song “Last Leaf.” The video was filmed using Samsung’s new NX100 camera, the perfect tool to take great, creative images and film anywhere, anytime, and is available to view today at www.cre8yourworld.com.
Although it has been only three days since the music video released, the official music video has been viewed around 85,000 times on their Myspace page. In addition, the leading music and tech magazines such as Billboard, Mashable and Technolog reported the release of the music video of OK Go’s “Last Leaf”
The “Last Leaf” video was made using thousands of photographs taken witfh the Samsung NX100, woven together to create a stop motion animation clip, showing the technical capabilities and creative versatility of the NX100. The images were combined with hand-drawn animations by the band themselves along with award-winning animator Geoff McFettridge to create a unique music video. The collaboration marks a new artistic direction for OK Go, whose previous videos have been composed of one-take live-action clips.
You may feel hungry when you see the music video made with full of toast. Then make your friends hungry too! You can make your own toast on NX100 Global Campaign site: www.cre8yourworld.com. Using a profile picture, the toaster engraves the photo on the toast like in the “Last Leaf” video, and the toast can be shared on Facebook. Click here and share your toast!

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3개의 답글 to “OK Go’s Last Leaf and Your Toast”

  1. audery Says:

    wow. i like ut video and ur idea!!

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