The NX100 meets OK Go on the Mobile!

The NX100 web page for mobile has been opened.
You can access the NX100 page by putting on URL bar with smart phones.
The first page shows the slogan of NX100 “Create Your World with NX100” and OK Go.
There are just two buttons for user’s convenience.
Click the first button ‘OK Go’s Next Project’, then you can see the OK Go’s music video and the episodes of making film.
Because the episodes are being released one by one, there are some videos are not yet available.
The second button, ‘NX100 with i-Function Lens‘, contains the information of the i-Function lens.
With a new i-Function lens, users control mechanism that enables users to quickly move through settings and control them with the camera’s value ring.
Check out the new NX100 page with your mobile.
The NX100 page for mobile will be open for the six weeks, which started on November 8.

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