South Africa – From Cape Town to Winelands

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Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/750s │ f3.7 │ 5.3mm │ ISO 80
My group has decided to spend a day in the wine valley to discover how the good South African wine is produced.
ST550(TL225)_Renato_05_02 Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/60s │ f4.4 │ 13.7mm │ ISO 80
ST550(TL225)_Renato_05_03 Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/180s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80
From Cape Town we went to Stellenbosch, situated about 50 kilometers east. It is the second oldest European settlement in the Western Cape province.
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/10s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 400
ST550(TL225)_Renato_05_05 Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/15s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 400
The South African wine industry produces about 1,000,000,000 litres of wine annually. Stellenbosch is the primary location for viticulture and viticulture research.
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/500s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80
ST550(TL225)_Renato_05_07 Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/250s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/750s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80
The small city looks like a cenarium. The time seems to be stopped there.
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/180s │ f9.1 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80
We visited the Village Museum. It shows the four historical Stellenbosch house’s built in four different city moments:
BLETTERMANHUIS – 1750 – 1790
GROSVENOR HOUSE – 1800 to 1830
OM BERGH – 1850 – 1870
Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/125s │ f9.1 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 80
ST550(TL225)_Renato_05_11 Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/350s │ f4.9 │ 16.3mm │ ISO 80
We visited three different wine yards and understood a little bit more about wine production…
ST550(TL225)_Renato_05_12 Samsung ST550(TL225) │ 1/45s │ f3.5 │ 4.9mm │ ISO 200
All vineyards offer wine tasting, we taste lots of kinds of wine and almost got drunk.
The third post will be…from Wineland to Durban…
kisses and hugs
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