NX100 goes Halloween!

I decide to do Halloween greeting painting.
On the camera skin.

This is NX100.

I drew a sketch roughly but had no specific idea.
Because the camera was made of the plastic, I thought it would be okay to use the enamel for the plastic goods.
I borrowed it and then painted NX100 first. Que sera sera!

I screwed up!
I wasn’t aware of how much I mix the solvent with the enamel, since I’ve never used it…
Yeah, I didn’t know how to use it. I screwed up anyway.
So at this time I try to use the acrylic paint.
No idea whether or not what happens to this filthy camera. I just keep going.

The acrylic paint works better than the enamel. (But it’s a mess as well.)

I drew the sky and tree in the above background. To paint something like bats is later…

Speaking of Halloween, we cannot miss the jack-o’-lantern. I painted a rough orange.

And I painted details with its eyes, nose and mouth.

Drawing the haunted house and bats…
Would it be better to wrote letters ‘Halloween’ on that?

Including a ghost…

A black cat…
And so on…

I did not touch up NX100 logo without coloring.

It’s finished.
Could you feel Halloween atmosphere? HaHa
If I can get an opportunity to do like this later again, I will prepare enough.
Good bye, Happy Halloween!

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One Response to “NX100 goes Halloween!”

  1. khunsam Says:

    when is halloween? I totally forgot it. lol. i want u to draw soemthing on my camera like urs. haha

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