Visit to the production set of NX100 Chinese Web Drama.

At the nx100 Web Drama production set located at Beidaihe, the closest sea to Beijing at 3 hour distance, we met up with 2 leading female roles and 3 leading males roles.,-95.677068&sspn=42.581364,77.695313&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=China&ll=39.855992,119.41452&spn=0.922583,1.800385&z=10&output=embed
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Samsung NX100 │ 1/320s │ f7.1 │ 20mm │ ISO 100
Beidaihe, famously known as a vacation spot for people living in Beijing, and leased territory are the center spots for the 12 episodes of love, frustration and success stories between aspiring stars, famous celebrities and photographers.
It was a typical fall of China when we visited. The sky was so blue and the fresh air made me wonder if we were really in China infamous for yellow dust.

Samsung NX100 │ 1/10s │ f3.5 │ 20mm │ ISO 800

Samsung NX100 │ 1/40s │ f3.5 │ 20mm │ ISO 400

Samsung NX100 │ 1/25s │ f3.5 │ 20mm │ ISO 200
They were shooting the audition, award scene this day, and other than the title “Web Drama”, it was not very different from regular TV drama set. The scale was so big that it was somewhat hard to consider this as a set for Web Drama with dozens of extras, stylists and make-up artists, lightening and sound director and so on.

Samsung EX1(TL500) │ 1/2s │ f5 │ 5mm │ ISO 400
The new actress Hao Ze Jia(郝泽嘉), who seems very easy-going, working together with sophisticated actors and actresses almost made me feel like breathing in a space where China’s past and future coexists.

Samsung EX1(TL500) │ 1/45s │ f2.4 │ 11mm │ ISO 200
王希维(wang xi wei)
Although the visit lasted just for 2 hours, it was enough time to feel their affection and love for the Web Drama.

Samsung EX1(TL500) │ 1/20s │ f2.2 │ 11mm │ ISO 200
宫正楠(gong zheng nan)
You can find more pictures of the production set on flickr.

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  1. khunsam Says:

    i never tried samsung camera b4. but now i can see quality is pretty good as much as my sony camera

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