Change Your World! Samsung 2View microsite

Have you heard of Samsung 2View camera? 2View cameras have dual LCD providing special features such as Self-portrait mode, Jump Shot mode, Children mode and Couple Shot mode.
Samsung has recently added versatility to 2View family with new models: ST600 and ST100. To celebrate the release of new 2View cameras, Samsung has opened 2View(ST600/ST100) microsite: Change Your World!
Please upload your photo and crop your face, then you can play the game using Samsung 2View camera ST600. After taking snapshots of yourself, you can also share the photos and have all your friends laughing in no time!
Choose the sex

Take a picture using webcam or upload photo in your computer

On the next step, you can control the size and tone of colour

Are you ready? Click start button.

Let’s see what’s happening!
Click here and enjoy Samsung 2View World!

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One Response to “Change Your World! Samsung 2View microsite”

  1. minzi Says:

    i like it! wanna try!

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