Interview with imagelogers, 3rd Story – Jan Daugart

NX10_Jan Daugart_01
Samsung NX10 │ 1/40s │ f4.3 │ 27mm │ ISO 100
Jan Daugart is a Samsung imageloger from Germany. He is a talented artist who exactly knows how to interpret excellence of the world. Since the first time he grabbed the Samsung NX10 in hand, he has been showing us how our circumferential landscapes could be as beautiful as that in old paintings in the early romantic period. In fact, his photography somehow reminds of some of famous pieces from Caspar David Friedrich. Jan’s delicate viewpoints just come and go upon his brilliant inspiration for hidden patterns and feelings on landscapes.
Jan is also a photographer of keen observation. Being full of technical ability, he is able to redesign the spatial signification of subjects. Jan’s photography just let us meditate on what we can find in our emotions, as experiencing abstract ideas that he draws from the reality, angles and compositions which define the meaning of scenes, and philosophic geometry with fabulous colors. All we could always say about his photography is just more than we can see on the images.
Let’s enjoy Jan’s pictures with the Samsung NX10.
NX10_Jan Daugart_03
Samsung NX10 │ 1/40s │ f5.6 │ 30mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Jan Daugart_04
Samsung NX10 │ f22.0 │ 30mm │ ISO 100
NX10_Jan Daugart_05
Samsung NX10 │ 30s │ f4.3 │ 27mm │ ISO 100
To see more pictures, please visit Jan’s Flickr.
We had a short online interview with Jan. Here are the questions and answers.
Q. Would you introduce yourself?
A. Hi, i am Jan Daugart, 33 years old and I live in Düsseldorf in Germany.
Q. When did you start taking pictures and what was the motivation?
A. I got my first camera when I was 12 years old. I have the passion for photography from my grandfather who also gave me his camera that I still use. Right from the beginning I was fascinated by the possibilities that photography gives you to see and capture the world with your own special view.
Q. What does the photography mean to you?
A. What fascinates me about photography is that photos can make the ugly beautiful, the boring interesting and the ordinary special. I also love the different possibilities that all kind of cameras and techniques offer you, and the different “styles” you can choose from. It´s a like in the music: there is Jazz (6×6), Rock (black and white), chill (manipulations/hdr)… all stuff I like.
Q. What is the main idea of your photography?
A. To have a new/different view on the world and capture or create emotions.
Q. What do you think about your Samsung NX10?
A. I really like the easy and intuitive handling and the possibilities the different lenses give you. Further, the camera is quite small and light given the high quality and possibilities, so it is easy to take it with you everywhere.
Q. Please show us your favorite picture made with the Samsung NX10.
NX10_Jan Daugart_02
Samsung NX10 │ 1/40s │ f4.3 │ 27mm │ ISO 100
Q. What kind of photographic experiments would you like to make in the near future?
A. Studiowork with professional studio light.
Q. Please give a message to all who are passionate about photography.
A. Find your own view

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One Response to “Interview with imagelogers, 3rd Story – Jan Daugart”

  1. angelina Says:

    really nice to see ur photos. i can feel the emotin from ur photos!

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