Samsung HMX-T10 Camcorder: Full HD with Comfort-Tilted Lens

Samsung’s new HMX-T10 camcorder captures full HD video and 4.7 megapixel still images, plus features a 2.7-inch display and a 20-degree tilted lens for shooting comfort.

Samsung Digital Imaging has announced its new HMX-T10 high-definition camcorder, which aims to put high-definition video shooting comfortably in consumers’ hands: the camcorder’s lens features a 20-degree tile so users can hold the unit more naturally while shooting video.
“The HMX-T10 offers not only a stylish, compact design and fantastic recording quality at an affordable price, but also demonstrates the thoughtfulness and innovation Samsung brings to making movie and image capturing a truly enjoyable experience for everyone,” said Samsung Digital Imaging president SangJin Park, in a statement.
The HMX-T10 features a 2.7-inch swing-out LCD display, and uses a back-side illuminated CMOS sensor that Samsung claims offers twice the sensitivity of conventional CMOS sensors: the HMX-T10 can handle 1080/60p and 60i high-definition video (for NTSC, 1080/50i and 1080/50p for PAL). The unit features a 10× optical zoom, incorporates optical image stabilization technology to eliminates motion blur and shakes,stores video to SD/SDHC removable memory cards, and sports face-detecting focus as well as standard autofocus and manual focus functions. The HMX-T10 can also shoot 4.7 megapixel stills in addition to shooting high-definition video, and can capture stereo audio (in AAC) format, although it doesn’t support an external microphone. Users can get their video off the camera using USB, or push it out to a big screen using either composite or HDMI outputs.
Samsung says the HMX-T10 camcorder will be available this month for a suggested retail price of $299; available body colors appear to be black, white, and red.

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  1. farhar Says:

    that’s pretty interesting! also it’s only $299!

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