Take a Tour of the new SamsungImaging.com Website

Samsung announced the official re-opening of the Samsungimaging website. Explore the new Samsung Imaging website upgraded with fun and advanced easy-to use functions.
On the new Samsungimaging.com website, users are able to use various functions which focus on the convenience of users.
Let’s see what’s new on SamsungImaging.com.

Upload – Simple and Easy
To upload content to Samsung Imaging, go to Sign-in -> Upload photo/video -> Enter information -> Register.
Tips for Becoming a Photography Expert
Using the location information in photos and videos, you can check them on the map. You can also see properties and cameras, or even view other photos and videos shot with the same model.
Sharing Your Contents
You can share your photos and videos by clicking the SNS icon on the detailed information page.
Enjoy Your Photos on the Map
Do you want to add your photos on the world map even though they don’t have location information? You can add them on the map!
Quick Bar for Quick Access
You can view all the latest news such as messages, invitations, comments and updates. You can also quickly upload, edit, and print your photos.
Enjoy With Your Special Group
In Samsung Imaging, you can create groups and organize your friends into groups. For those friends of yours who are very special, you can specify them into the Special Group.
For more information about renewal and new functions, please click here.

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